February 7th, 2024

Expanded metal is a type of sheet metal that has been cut and stretched to form a regular pattern of diamond mesh-like material. Commonly used for machine safety guards, grates, glass protection. Expanded Metal (Ex-Metal) is supplied in Flattened or Standard, which has a Raised Diamond Pattern. Common materials for Expanded Metal include Carbon, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Options for heavier applications can be supplied in Expanded Metal Grating and Catwalk Grating. Expanded Metal is available in various sizes with a large selection of gauge thickness and diamond openings.


Expanded metal offers savings in weight and metal, free passage of light, liquid, sound, and air, while providing a decorative or ornamental effect. The term "expanded metal" refers to the way the metal is simultaneously die-cut and expanded as it moves through the progressive dies on a press. This process allows it to be expanded up to 10 times its original size, while losing up to 80 percent of its original weight per square foot and retaining its form and rigidity. The expanded metal can be manufactured and supplied as standard mesh or can be flattened by further leveling to a smooth surface which allows usage of mesh in more applications such as prison protection and to avoid hurting hands touching the mesh.


Each expanded type has unique characteristics and advantages. The right expanded metal for a specific use depends on factors like strength, durability, and appearance. Some commonly used shapes are circles, squares, and diamonds; diamonds are the most popular shapes because of how well the shape absorbs energy and resists mechanical deformation after installation. Other design considerations are the size and angles of the shapes, which will also affect how well the metal absorbs energy and where the energy is spread throughout the expanded metal. For the diamond shape, there are at least four different angles that come into account: two acute and two obtuse angles.


Expanded metal is easy to weld, cut, and form with proper equipment. The applications of expanded metal include security, sifting, machinery guards, flooring, walkways, shelving, window protection, etc.

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