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ECONSTEEL flame cutting services, also referred to throughout the industry as oxyfuel cutting, is the most economical process for cutting mild and low alloy steel. Any low-alloy steel is defined as having between 1% and 5% alloying elements within the composition and can provide better mechanical properties than alternative conventional or carbon-based steels. This specific cutting process also represents an important benchmark in the advancement of metal production. Flame cutting opened avenues for new industrial applications and considerably strengthened the steel along the cut edge.

During the flame cutting process, the heating flame warms the intended steel to its ignition temperature through the combustion of highly pressurized pure oxygen and fuel gas. Once reaching levels as high as 1800℉, the steel begins oxidizing into liquid iron oxide and leaves behind a cavity or cut. The results of ECONSTEEL flame cutting services are high-quality cuts with smooth vertical planes, and carbonization and hardening along the cut edge. Flame cutting services, or oxyfuel cutting, is a suitable cutting method for materials up to 12" thick.

ECONSTEEL currently houses two independent flame cutting tables to meet the increasing demand for this service throughout the industry. Not only can our flame cutting tables cut steel plates up to 12" thick, but are robust enough to handle the increased weights of large-scale projects. Each flame cutting table can handle steel plates up to 10' x 42' in size without any drops in cut quality or precision. To further improve the precision of our flame cutting services, ECONSTEEL has integrated CAD/CAM capabilities to process custom-designed parts with unique angles or shapes. We are uniquely positioned to offer precision flame cutting services for customers looking for a cost-effective cutting method that can produce multiple parts at a time while reducing the time or labor investments of high-production jobs.


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