Saw Cutting

Precision saw cutting provides extremely tight tolerances on both single orders and high production cutting jobs. ECONSTEEL's saw cutting value-added services and features include:

  • 6 cutting saws in-house
  • Ability to cut up to 24" in diameter
  • Bundle cutting that provides high tolerances while also increasing speed, generating squarer cuts and extending blade life
  • Automatic saws with roller conveyors that help automate the cutting process, saving time and money on high production orders

Flame Cutting

Flame cutting, also known as oxyfuel cutting, is the most economical process for cutting mild and low alloy steel. Flame cutting is also regarded as one of the most important production processes in the metal industry. During this process, the heating flame warms the material to its ignition temperature through the combustion of oxygen and gas, oxidizing the metal to liquid iron oxide. This results in high-quality cuts, smooth vertical planes, and carbonization and hardening within the area affected by heat. Flame cutting/oxyfuel can also cut a wide range of material thicknesses. ECONSTEEL's flame cutting value-added services and features include:

  • 2 flame cutting tables in-house
  • Ability to flame cut steel plates up to 12" thick
  • CAD/CAM integrations to produce custom-designed parts
  • Large table capacity of 10' x 42' with torches that can produce multiple parts at a time, reducing time and labor for high production jobs

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting results in fast, accurate, and tighter tolerances that cannot be achieved through flame cutting. Some key features of plasma cutting include results that contain smooth edges and metallurgically perfect surfaces for welding, high-speed cutting, and wide ranges of materials that can be cut (high-alloy steels, stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum). ECONSTEEL's plasma cutting value-added services and features include:

  • An in-house plasma cutting table
  • Ability to plasma cut up to 1" thick
  • CAD/CAM integrations to produce custom-designed parts
  • Large table capacity of 10' x 42' with torches that can produce multiple parts at a time, reducing time and labor for high production jobs

Steel Delivery

ECONSTEEL has our own full fleet of vehicles (12 in total), including semitrailers and straight flatbed trucks, that can deliver within a 150-mile radius of both branches. We also offer next-day delivery for items currently in stock. Our in-house mechanics, inspection stations, and heavy truck repair garage ensure that our fleet is always well maintained so that we can always provide reliable delivery services to our customers. ECONSTEEL also has strong relationships with third-party logistics teams, which helps us provide quick deliveries to customers across the country that are typically outside of our own general delivery range.

Steel Sourcing

By leveraging our strong relationships with steel mills and major steel distributors, ECONSTEEL can provide our customers with material outside of our general stock items. ECONSTEEL's steel sourcing value-added services and features include:

  • Sourcing hard-to-find special materials with niche suppliers
  • Access to steel mill rolling schedules to secure pre-stocked material
  • Full truckload shipments that come directly from the steel mill to our customer's location, decreasing lead time and shipment costs
  • ECONSTEEL can negotiate on your behalf with major suppliers that have limited access and large barriers to entry

Special Capabilities

ECONSTEEL's special capabilities provide even more flexibility and customization to our customers. Our steel capabilities value added services and features include:

  • Jumbo beam saw cutting
  • Rebar bending up to and including #9 rebar
  • Shearing Square and Rectangular Plate and Sheet up to 1/2" thickness
  • ECONEXPRESS available at a premium for expedited orders
  • Ability to source and process material in-house and through our extensive network of providers
  • Metals specification review for application
  • Stocking programs and warehousing for customers that do not have the capacity to store large quantities of material but need it at short notice