Saw Cutting Services


Precision steel saw cutting services from ECONSTEEL are capable of meeting extremely tight tolerances on individual orders and high-volume cutting jobs. Using industrial horizontal band saws, ECONSTEEL can help eliminate the need for customers to possess specialized equipment to cut even large-diameter steel to specific project dimensions. The long specialty blade contains more teeth than saws used to cut lumber, and often moves at slower speeds to help facilitate the steel saw cutting process. This combination of specialty teeth and band speed makes horizontal band saws especially suitable for any project that requires precise cuts, expedited production volume, and less wasted material.

ECONSTEEL currently houses six independent saw cutting machines with the capacity to cut steel up to 24" in diameter. These modernized pieces of equipment also allow for what is known as "bundle cutting." In bundle cutting applications, the steel bars or rods are grouped together and securely fastened to avoid movement during saw cutting. This method increases the throughput of material, generates squarer cuts, extends blade life, and delivers the same strict tolerance adherence as a single saw cutting process. Individual cuts and bundle cutting can be applied to a vast array of our offered products including hot or cold bars, steel tubing, steel pipe, hot rolled plate, and even alloys or floor plates.

Our saw cutting services also incorporate some automated processes, like rolling conveyors, to help further expedite the cutting process. This technological advancement allows ECONSTEEL to offer customers faster lead times and reduced costs for high-production orders than competing providers. Each saw cutting machine is routinely inspected and adjusted to maintain precision from one cut to the next.


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