William Earl McCain comes to Erie, PA to build a railroad car dumping system at the foot of Cascade St., later going on to build the Pinchot Roads.

Erie Concrete Company was formed in order to complete general construction and concrete foundation work. The company later changed its name to Erie Concrete and Steel Erecting Co., adding general engineering and contracting segments for manufacturing plants, bridges, piers, docks, mine shafts, railroads and railways, and buildings. Notable projects include Academy High School (now known as NWPA Collegiate Academy), The Millcreek Containment Tube, GE, and various steel bridges.

The company changes its name.

The company's name changes to Erie Concrete & Steel Company, primarily performing steel fabrication and light blacksmith/forging.


The company becomes Erie Concrete and Steel Supply Company.

It's also at this time that Bethlehem Steel and U.S. Steel approach the company to warehouse-distribute steel to regional manufacturers. The company also began distributing mill and plumbing supplies.

William E. McCain establishes the Perry Shipbuilding Division of Erie Concrete and Steel Co. at the foot of Cascade St.

The shipyard built 30 YF-Freighters and 14 barges – all supporting the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard during WWII.


The calendar is born.

The iconic Erie Concrete and Steel Supply Company shop calendar is published. After 83 years, we still continue to send out our calendar to our customers.

2nd generation takes over.

Son Willard McCain becomes president of the company and Donald Patrick McCain becomes the secretary and treasurer. This begins the second generation of the McCain family to take ownership of the company.


The company spins off four separate companies.

Electroweld Manufacturing, Perry Mill Supply, Dobi Plumbing and Heating, and Perry Ship Building are separated into individual companies. Erie Concrete and Steel Supply Co. remains focused on sales, warehousing, and distribution of steel products.

A new president.

Donald Patrick McCain becomes the third president of Erie Concrete and Steel Supply Company.


The Warren, OH location.

A steel distribution branch is established in Warren, OH through the acquisition of Eclipse Steel Co.

A fourth president is seated and the McCain generational line continues.

J Scott McCain becomes the company's fourth president and, by doing so, begins the third generation of the McCain family's ownership and management.


More company expansion.

The new Erie office space is built.

Welcome to ECONSTEEL.

Erie Concrete and Steel Supply Company begins "doing business as" ECONSTEEL, reemphasizing the distribution of metal products to the manufacturing, machining, and construction industries .


Fourth generation McCain enters the ECONSTEEL family.

John McCain joins ECONSTEEL as the fourth generation of McCain family management, keeping the business in line with technology.