May 1st, 2023

Steel sheet and steel plate are two of the most common steel products used throughout a variety of different industries. Often these two products are grouped together, but there are several differences that distinguish them between one another. The main difference deals with the thickness (or gauge) of the material at hand. Steel sheet is categorized as any material that is under 0.187" thick, and steel plate is categorized as any material that has a thickness greater than 0.187".

Steel sheet is a very versatile product. Some important characteristics include being malleable, thin, lightweight, and having a high tensile strength. This combination of characteristics makes steel sheet a suitable material for a variety of different applications.

Steel sheet is often used in industrial applications such as the construction of buildings or other structures. Some more common applications include home appliances and other interior design purposes. Overall, the wide range of applications for steel sheet are included in industries such as construction, military, oil and gas, mining, and aerospace.

As mentioned above, steel plate is any material with a thickness that is greater than 0.187". It is also used across a variety of industries including construction, mining, energy, and manufacturing.

Often steel plate is used in situations where a large amount of fabrication or weldment are required. There are two main types of steel plate, and the distinction comes from the production process. Plate Mill Plates (PMP) are made from ingots and are rolled one plate at a time, whereas Continuous Mill Plates (CMP) are made from a cast slab and rolled as a coiled product.

There are two measurable differences for these products. PMP has widths of 84", 96", and 120", with a thickness ranging between 0.1875-6". CMP has widths of 48", 60", and 72" with a thickness ranging between 0.1875-0.500". Steel plate can also be classified as Heavy Steel Plate, and this accounts for any material that has a thickness greater than 3". Be sure to check out our product pages "Steel Sheet" and "Hot Rolled Plate" to find out the specific products we have to offer!

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