June 5th, 2023

When steel service centers receive their products from their suppliers, they often need to perform further processing on the material before delivering those products to their customers or end users. One of the many processes performed by steel service centers is called metal shearing. This article describes some details about the metal shearing process, and some of the benefits associated with it. 

Shearing is performed on sheet metal to trim an unwanted area off the sheet, or to form the sheet into a desired shape. One of the most common types of machines used in this production process is called a bench shear. The shearing process is carried out on the bench shear by placing the sheet metal onto a flat table, and then using a blade to slice through the material.

Once the steel sheet has been loaded onto the machine properly, the operator will use what is called a squaring arm to perform precise cuts. Another common type of shear machine is called a Guillotine, or power shear. These types of shearing machines are powered by mechanical or hydraulic components, and they offer faster and more effective cuts than a bench shear.

There are many benefits that make shearing attractive for organizations who process steel. One of the most important is the fact that the cuts are clean and precise, while also producing little to no waste. The shearing process is carried out when the steel is either cold or at room temperature; this means that this process results in no heat-affected areas as some of the other metal processing techniques do.  

Another key benefit of steel shearing is that it is cost effective for high-volume operations. This is especially true for steel service centers who may process tons of steel each week. Shearing is one of the fastest metal processing techniques, as it is usually carried out in a matter of seconds. Shearing can be performed on multiple metal materials other than steel including bronze, iron, aluminum, and copper.

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