April 17th, 2023

Flame cutting, or oxy-fuel cutting, is one of the various methods used to cut metal materials into specific sizes and shapes. During this process, oxygen and fuel are combined to create a flame that has the ability to cut through most metals, including steel. The combination produces what is called a preheat flame, and the temperature of the flame can range somewhere between 4,440° to 6,000° F. Temperatures vary based on the fuel source being used, as well as the amount of oxygen and fuel applied to produce the flame. This form of production is usually used on carbon steel grades, particularly with steel HR plates and sheets.

Applications of Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Most oxy-flame torches are used to cut material ranging from 3/8" up to 12" in thickness. Flame cutting was originally used on all thickness sizes, but the invention of plasma and laser cutting has made flame cutting obsolete for thinner sizes. Nonetheless, due to its economy, most operations still favor the cutting torch vs. the plasma cutter for low alloy steels.

Some other advantages of flame cutting include having a lower operating cost than other cutting methods, having the ability to cut thicker materials than other cutting methods, having the ability to cut through a larger surface area on a given material, and also having the ability to be integrated with CNC technology. CNC integration allows for a precise geometry of required shapes, as well as controlling the speed and output of the fuel and oxygen inputs.

Flame Cut Steel at ECONSTEEL

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