November 7th, 2022

Special Bar Quality (SBQ) steels can be defined as a variety of specialty steel grades that have various physical and chemical properties. They consist of high-quality carbon steels as well as a variety of alloy steels. SQB steel grades are developed and used for high-stress applications such as heavy machining and any other function that requires fine-tuned properties like high tensile strength. On top of ensuring specific chemistries, producers of SBQ may also put the products through further processing to reduce surface imperfections to provide customers with the best possible product.

The production process for SBQ steel is significantly more complicated than other steels whose end applications require little to no additional machining. The production of these steels can be achieved through a combination of controlled production methods and secondary steel treatment processes. In the case of Electric Arc Furnace steel production, mills use cleaner iron and scrap inputs followed by treating the product in a ladle refining furnace. Further metallurgical properties can be obtained through reductions during the rolling process. 

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